A beautiful film

“A beautiful film that captures the strength of the human spirit and inspires us all to look beyond our limitations.”

"In an instant their lives were changed forever. Now on an adventure half way across the world, four friends search for answers that will lead them to the Great Wall of China and push their friendship to the limits. To survive a journey that will save or destroy their lives will take the Heart of a Dragon."
Executive Producers, Mark Gordon and David Foster. Produced, Directed and Written by Michael French, Starring Victor Webster, James Thomas Byrnes, Sarah Jane Potts, Andrew Lee Potts, Yu Na, Ethan Embry, Aleks Paunovic, Nicole Oliver, Wei Dong-zhen and Cheng Jia-yang.
This theatrical film is inspired by the true story of Rick Hansen's 1986 Man in Motion Tour that challenged perceptions about disability.