Heart of a Dragon Cast

For actors Victor Webster, Ethan Embry, Yu Na, James Byrnes, Sarah-Jane Andrew Lee Potts, the challenge was going back in time and space in reliving a story that asked each of them to face a fire breathing dragon. On the Great Wall something pretty powerful happens,” says director Michael French, “its there each actor comes faces the truth about their limitations under physical and emotional challenges. It was hard to put them in that position but, it was the only way Mark Gordon and I knew to tell the story of people who saved each other and changed the way we see disability."


Victor Webster

plays Rick Hansen, the Man in Motion, driven by ambition and loyalty, overwhelmed at times by the dragon he would meet on the Great Wall of China.
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Jim Byrnes

Jim Byrnes

plays Ivan Kostelic, a reporter who has followed Rick Hansen's racing career and is skeptical about the elite athletes ambition to change the way the world sees disability.
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Sarah-Jane Potts

Sarah-Jane Pott

plays Amanda Reid, Rick Hansen's physiotherapist on the Man in Motion Tour who is torn between professional responsibilities, belief in Rick's ambition and her emotional attachment to a man like no other.
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Andrew-Lee Potts

Andrew-Lee Potts

plays Don Alder, Rick Hansen's blood brother who walked away from an accident that forever changed both of their lives, leaving each to deal with the damage in very different ways.
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Ethan Embry

plays Rick Hansen's cousin, Lee Gibson. Forever the clown on the Man in Motion odyssey, Lee wore loyalty and bravado on his sleeve.
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Yu Na

Yu Na

plays Maylee Wong, a interpreter assigned by China’s Disabled Persons Federation to assist Ivan Kostelic in reporting on the Man in Motion. Cultural differences test the relationship as Ivan questions China’s embrace of Rick Hansen.
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Alecks Paunovic

Aleks Paunovic

play’s Rick Hansen's longtime coach Tim Frick, who left the Man in Motion Tour exhausted by a champion who everyday pushed himself and his crew beyond everything the science of racing embraced.
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Wei Dongzhen

plays a Tai Chi Master who lives in a village built into a section of Great Wall Rick Hansen will ascend. Drawn to the Master on the eve of his climb, Rick is directed to a mindfulness required to survive the climb.
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