About the Production

Heart of a Dragon is a motion picture produced by Thunder Bay Films Inc (part of Associated Film Producers Ltd) located in Vancouver, Canada, with blood, sweat and tears from Mark Gordon, Sherry Lansing, David Foster, Jimmy Miller and Colette Gouin, and in - country assistance from Bing Rao, Zhang Bingjian and the China Film Group.

Filmmakers Heart of a Dragon

Mark Gordon
Mark Gordon is an Executive Producer for Heart of a Dragon, believing that sometimes impossible stories must be made.  Mark's formidable list of credits include Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy, Saving Saving Private Ryan and Speed.
David Foster
Canadian born David Foster is a celebrated composer and producer whose song 'Man in Motion' inspired millions to look beyond disability and embrace Rick Hansen’s ambition. David is an Executive Producer for Heart of a Dragon
Blaise Noto
Blaise Noto is a long time Studio executive in Marketing and Publicity and an Associate Producer for Heart of a Dragon - an assignment embraced in China and beyond.
Colette Gouin
Colette Gouin is an Artist who painted the compelling Legend  opening sequence for Heart of a Dragon.
Bing Rao
Bing Rao is a Producer, Director and Cinematographer from Beijing and New York who served as Director of Photography for Heart of a Dragon.
BJ Zhang
BJ Zhang aka Zhang Bingjian is prolific Director from Beijing who as a boy, witnessed Rick Hansen’s journey in China. BJ generously lent his talents to Heart of a Dragon in Production Design and Direction.
Chris Ainscough
Chris Ainscough composed the score, edited and supervised the post production for Heart of a Dragon.
Albert Normandin
Albert Normandin, a photographer long steeped in Asia’s natural light provided the still photography for Heart of a Dragon.
Mike Jacobs
Mike Jacobs was a philosopher and friend who helped train Victor Webster for his role as Rick Hansen.
Michael French
Michael French produced, directed and wrote Heart of a Dragon.