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Over twenty years ago, something quite extraordinary happened in China  -- a young man named Rick Hansen in a wheelchair accompanied by a few of his closest friends who, half-way through their around the Man in Motion World Tour, entered Beijing with over 1 million Chinese heralding his arrival as a hero. Why this man and why in China?    “Heart of a Dragon,” filmed on location in Beijing and on the Great Wall of China is a story of a group of friends who in an instant, lives were changed forever. Now on an adventure half way across the world, four friends search for answers that will lead them to the Great Wall of China - pushing their friendships to the limits. To survive a journey that will save or destroy their lives will take the Heart of a Dragon.  

Genres:  Adventure-Drama, Romance

Written, Directed and Produced by:  Michael French Executive Produced by:  Mark Gordon, David Foster
Co-Producer: Colette Gouin
Associate Producers: Blaise J. Noto, Chris Ainscough
Starring:  Victor Webster, Sarah-Jane Potts, Jim Byrnes, Yu Na, Andrew Lee Potts, Ethan Embry, Aleks Paunovic