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Countdown to Toronto... 1 DAY!!

                                     RSVP "WE"RE GOING TO THE TOP" Struggling with heat, exhaustion and a lingering infection, Rick is overwhelmed by the steepness of the ascent. Amanda searches for a way to help his through the pain.

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Countdown to Toronto ... 2 days to go!!!

RSVP "WE WERE FISHING"  Ivan manoeuvres  Don into remembering the accident that broke Rick's back. It's an uncomfortable memory, but believing the incident  is a big part of his story, the reporter pushes and Don reveals an long buried secret.

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Countdown to Toronto... 3 days!

RSVP!   "THOSE STAIRS AREN'T SUPPOSE TO BE THERE" The Great Wall snakes across the mountains in China's high country. In many places, ancient stone stairs are the only route op to the wall.  Faced with the impossible reality that he can not climb the steep, narrow stone entrance, Rick is quick to frustration. His long held dream hangs in the balance.

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Countdown to Toronto... 4 Days Left!!!

RSVP   "RICK'S SPEECH" After a year of pushing himself half way across the world, Rick, Amanda, Don and Lee find themselves at the centre of million Chinese who have embraced their dream. It's both a moment of triumph and reflection as Rick remembers how long the journey  has been from obscurity for everyone who knows disability.

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