Victor Webster as Rick Hansen

Actor Victor Webster as Rick Hansen - Man in Motion Tour

Victor Webster plays Rick Hansen, a world champion disabled athlete. After winning 19 consecutive marathons, Rick was invited to the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles where his will to win was replaced by a dream to make his wheelchair invisible. A dream not everyone in the press believed to be true until he pushed himself across the world to ascend the Great Wall on his Man in Motion Tour.

Victor shares many of Rick's physical attributes, most notably, the heart of a fierce competitor. As an able - bodied actor and martial artist whose family knew the pain of disability, Victor immersed himself in an intense psychological and physical training program in preparation for the role.  His normally athletic upper body was transformed to match the massive muscled arms and shoulders Rick Hansen developed, first on the race  track and then on his journey around the world in a wheelchair.

Michael Jacobs who helped prepare Jon Voight for his disabled role in 'Coming Home' was called on to prepare Victor and teach him about life in a wheelchair. Sadly, Michael Jacobs died before 'Heart of a Dragon' was completed. Victor's performance as a man in search of himself committed to changing the world one stroke at a time, borrows from the experiences of many lives.

Watch Victor take on the incredibly complex role of Rick Hansen in Heart of a Dragon.