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We Are All Disabled - Part 10

When I Grow Up... I watched the Juno Awards and in the closeness of my basement suite felt the walls close in.    To see and to hear that much talent on one stage and to know in someway, I'm competing for a piece of that audience is humbling. And then after a long night of thinking too much, being humbled turns into being challenged. So it is, I pick up my guitar, I practice, I compose and I practice...

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We Are All Disabled - Part 7

The Boy Who Couldn't Jump   I had a great  trip to the Malaysian Festival but after a long flight home, woke up with  paralysis of analysis - a condition that makes me think way too much about love and life and things that have no easy answers.   It all started when I was a kid and kept wondering why the sky was blue and then my father died and I wondered about him so much sometimes that it got in...

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We Are All Disabled - Part 6

Grant Wyatt and the Teenage Rock Gods...  The guy in the picture with the blond hair looking off into space is Grant Wyatt.  Maybe Grant is just posing for the camera knowing somehow I would use his picture to tell a story. Grant was like that, he thought a lot about the future and didn't always like what he saw. I suppose that's why he lived so much in moment. I'm the guy with the guitar, next...

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