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Countdown To Toronto ... 7 days!!!

RSVP   "I CAN'T KEEP UP"   On a back road in the high country, heat and exhaustion have begun to take their toll. Amanda no longer to keep up to Rick's pace, falls behind. Don struggles and like Amanda, can no longer endure the heat and is left in the shadow of a dragon, pushing through the pain of the Great Wall. 

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Countdown to Toronto ... 8 Days!

RSVP "HOW MUCH MORE PREPARED CAN WE BE?" With an upper body overdeveloped from pushing his wheelchair chair half way around the world, Rick's muscles produce heat that must be controlled during his climb up the Great Wall. Recurring infection and fever make the effort to control his temperature more difficult as he struggles with the increasing grade and the sun that quickly warms the mountain air....

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We Are All Disabled - Part 5

Queen Never Had a Bad Hair Day   I have a show in a few hours. The song list is set. Guitars and amps are jammed into the tour bus which these days is a faded electric blue Ford hatchback. Clothes for tonights performance will be blue jeans - they are in the dryer as I write and a classic shirt from a vintage shop. The kind Eric Clapton looked so good in at the George Harrison memorial concert.

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