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Countdown To Toronto ... 9 Days To Go!!!

RSVP NOW! "HEADING TO THE GREAT WALL" Chinese legend has it, the Great Wall was built over the centuries on the blood of those who died and were buried beneath it. In recent times, Chairman Mao told his people that to be a hero, one must reach the Great Wall. For Rick Hansen, Don Alder, Amanda and Mike Reid, Lee Gibson and others, climbing the Wall would prove to a skeptical world that their dreams...

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We Are All Disabled - Part 8

Ice Cream Is A Vegetable   My Grandmother is 98 and loves her life in Williams Lake.  I lived with her for a time. We became the best of friends and still are. These days, I call Granny just to hear the sound of her voice. Its the most reassuring sound I have ever known. After those calls, I smile and slip back to the best parts of being a kid that always involved Granny.   Granny and I  She bought...

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