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We Are All Disabled - Part 13

The Man I Want To Be   For two years now I've hidden my bicycle away behind amplifiers and buried it under guitars. It's much easier not to think about how good a bike can be for your heart and especially, for your head which as you know from these blogs, can a problem for a musician like me, who is prone to think too much.    But then summer arrived in Vancouver and full of reckless abandon, I pulled...

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We Are All Disabled - Part 9

Remembering Lee Gibson - An Unlikely Friend Lee and I back on the Great Wall, 20yrs later for the filming ofHeart Of A Dragon - Sept 2006 Its absurd that anyone is awake at six o'clock in the morning, especially a musician. I'm better playing into the night than I am getting up with the birds but times change and I can do this. Coffee helps, it always has. I will need it soon but first I want to...

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We Are All Disabled - Part 3

Fierce bed bugs, Ted’s electric guitar and a band called Rabbit… I was bitten by bed bugs in a cheap motel in LA a few weeks ago on my way to play for the National Association of Music Manufacturers.The event was not open to the public but somehow 90,000 people show up to talk and listen and learn everything new in the music business. Rock stars, lots of them, wander around. And yeah, I was there...

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We Are All Disabled - Part 2

Losing a job and finding a life... I was in LA in January and had a blast hanging around and playing with some hugely talented guitarists. Sometimes, I want to believe I’m one of them but other times, I’m not so sure, especially today when I think about how music will pay the rent for the rest of my life. I lost my job recently after 20 years of working with Rick Hansen. We did everything together,...

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