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Countdown To Toronto ... 7 days!!!

RSVP   "I CAN'T KEEP UP"   On a back road in the high country, heat and exhaustion have begun to take their toll. Amanda no longer to keep up to Rick's pace, falls behind. Don struggles and like Amanda, can no longer endure the heat and is left in the shadow of a dragon, pushing through the pain of the Great Wall. 

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We Are All Disabled - Part 9

Remembering Lee Gibson - An Unlikely Friend Lee and I back on the Great Wall, 20yrs later for the filming ofHeart Of A Dragon - Sept 2006 Its absurd that anyone is awake at six o'clock in the morning, especially a musician. I'm better playing into the night than I am getting up with the birds but times change and I can do this. Coffee helps, it always has. I will need it soon but first I want to...

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